I read the other day, outside a store front, a sign:


and stayed out, certain that this was a terrible way to say things.


The weather is changing; the subway is strangely crowded and we are in kind.¬†She asks if I am seeing someone and I think what a stupid question, I will stay out here, I am not going in, how terrible. Everyone on the way to work this morning I recognized, every single one as I saw them, which could not be possible. I hurried past because what would I say to them all, as though in a suit and tie I could stand on the orange seats and announce It is so good to see you. I’m well, my health is fine, work’s the same, I’ve met someone but we may not know each other other very well though there’s no need to worry, you and I will see each other again soon? I don’t feel much like telling ¬†everyone on this train things that aren’t true, so instead my heart goes out to them and I look down and hurry past.

My heart, at least, goes somewhere.

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