-You want kids?

-I like em enough, yeah. 

-Enough? To what?

-I had this thought, right, to have a few kids. Three or four. Then from the day they’re born I’ll plant them with heavy objects– in shoes maybe, or clothes. Each child an increased number, like the fourth one’s holding the most weight in the day. 

-I don’t see for what. 

-Don’t know. To see. See if the last one’s the most serious or the least. See the way they hold themselves. See if they can tell. 

-So not because you like them, then. Just to see. 

-Wait, though. Then. Then when your kid’s 24, or 30, or 60 even and it’s too much to hear them talk because the world’s too much, things are hard and lonely and they sound too weary for how good they are, this is what I want: I come in, I take the weights out, see? I sneak into windows or rooms and take out every weight I’ve ever put in shoes or clothes or watches and they get up the next day and the whole world is lighter, two times or ten. They feel it, and you know it, and you call them on the phone and say you love them and the world’s getting better. And they say “yes, dad, I know” and you buy it because they do.  They will. 

-Take the anchor. 

-Take it. Give them air. 


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    Chills. Fucking chills.

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