Vanishing the Statue of Liberty

Paul told me, said his perfect lady is lady liberty, said all his perfect women rust.

“In my dreams we go camping. She takes me to the adironaks and we make smores from her torch, read together, count her steps.  She rests her arms with me in the folds. We have a witness language that only witnesses know.” 

It is like him to be wrong. Copper doesn’t oxidize.

There were others before, half-formed, winged. In the end he renounces what he’s named purity, whatever marbled whiteness it might be this time. 

“Liars,” he spits. “No woman fits inside a clam shell.”

A man fell from her crown once, I tell him. No woman is perfect if a man has died at her feet. 

This is not the right thing to say. “Men are weak and stupid. She is always there, loyal fiercely: no woman asks for human sacrifice. It is a man thing, mad for themselves. She is more perfect for it.”

And who are you, I ask, who are you to love her.

“Slayer of dragons,” he says. “Lover of France.”  

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    did you read this? ( i think you’ll like it if you haven’t and you like it if you did.

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