The Most Honest I’ve Ever Been

Self, the neighbor. Tell the neighbor. Be kind, be brave. You can’t get anything done.

Self, he will understand. Ask you in, tell you he’s sorry. Pour you a drink. Apologize, explain. A lot of broken trust you have in common, it will turn out. To drown out the tragic. Good, keep that. You’ll tell him about the phone number, the confession. Three years on and it’s still tough. He’ll nod, commiserate. 

World, I haven’t slept much these last few days. I’ve been trying to get stuff out. Really make something. I’ll have it for you soon, I promise. 

Self, this is why you are so open. People want to tell you things. He’ll be glad to have you. 

Self, it’s good. Smiled, said he’d keep the volume down. Good. 

World, I’ve written a new song. I’m in my head, all the time, I know, but I want you to hear this song. Let me know how you take it, please. It means a lot. This is the most honest I’ve ever been. 

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