Sex Tips from Magazines, #3

-Silk scarves, things like that.

-Watered-down bondage.

-Right. Danger that doesn’t leave evidence. Tomorrow she just wears the scarf the normal way, no worries about stray houseguests stumbling on a pair of handcuffs.

-Seems to almost miss the point.

-Maybe, yeah.

-Could be good, though. Something new. Make you look at scarves different.

-Yeah sure. I’m glad she brought it up, I guess, but I can’t help thinking it’s just unnecessary. She lies there telling me this, looking up asking if I want more danger, if things are too safe, and it’s the last thing on my mind. 

-It’s good enough, then.

-No. Or yeah, it’s good. It’s fine. But when she’s asking if there’s anything dangerous I want to do all I can think is this is probably it. The most dangerous thing we can do we’re doing. Because it doesn’t get more terrifying than the possibility of us making something together, for her to get pregnant. Like the premise nullifies the response. 

-Then this is still good, right? A distraction. Gives you something else to think about.

-I guess, yeah. But that dread, though, the middle of the night dread that maybe this time the science didn’t work. This could just be worse. She gets pregnant while we’re trying to do something dangerous. With colored scarves on our wrists.

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