How we fortify

Having a baby is the exact same as everyone says it is. You are afraid that it won’t be the way everyone says it will be and then you go to the hospital and then you love something in a way that is a new definition of loving something, like everyone says. When you have another baby you are afraid that you can never love it the way you loved the first one but you always can. I believed everyone after the second time and we have two boys.

Once you love something this way you want to protect it with a new definition of protecting something, same as everyone says. In our house, which I liked, we unsharpened everything which was fine until they started blowing things up. I didn’t do a lot then, professionally. I was learning that it was really easy to do research on the internet, so I started doing a lot of research on building, mostly on building materials that are really strong. Most people blogging about building spent a lot of time fighting about materials or complaining they didn’t have the land they needed to really test things out, but they’re mostly really nice. I made friends with a British man who lived in Tokyo, which is also really easy to do, and he said he had an idea about building a house and asked if I would be interested in trying it out because he didn’t have a family. We weren’t going to move, so we thought we could build another house around our house which would be a stronger house.

It went really well. When it was finished I felt better than I had for a few years, and I’d made sandwiches for the workers everyday and didn’t worry about germs as much. We decided to try for another layer. It was easy to explain to the kids with matryoshka dolls because they were still learning with their hands then.

Since people are always inventing new things we did this for a while, and our houses looked like this:


Eventually the living room was not a living room but a living house, and a kitchen house and a master bedhouse and the kids’ bedhouses. I think James is smoking pot now, but I don’t know.

We couldn’t afford to do it any more but I’ve been emailing with some companies like Kmart that are interested in sponsorship so we might be breaking ground on another layer as early as March 2018. It will both be safer and convenient to live inside a Kmart.

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