When it starts with Sanskrit in a German accent

It eez vierd, no?, zat our leetle feet carry all our body

All I ever seem to want to talk about is our bodies, which gets boring, maybe, because it’s not really sexy at all but just weird, weird that all of myself is upright on two feet and it’s childish, I know, a little banal to speak like this, because everything is a miracle! Everything! Every(god man we get it) And the only reason I want to talk about it here, in my body, is because this is where it’s at its most immediate, but I only seem to really think about it sitting here in front of a screen which is a little like the year you realized that happiness is like ninety nine point nine percent choice, introducing all new levels of shame or guilt along with whatever good there was to it, and sad too because one day it will stop being miraculous and just be a burden, this thing that hurts a lot and aches and doesn’t work the way you want it to anymore. But whatever it comes down to it is weird, all of it, and it will be weird forever and just keep being weirder. And it’s going to be best to not just let it be weird, but be glad it is.

Happy New Year. 2009, everyone. 


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