Q & A

Q: So how do we let go of the need?

A: Today is a good day! Don’t stay inside, don’t buy a thing. It’s a rare one though; each day something seems to be calling to me, the shiniest gift on the shiniest raft in the shiniest ocean, every sudden shortcoming new and novel. We all have these ordinary insides. “Oh Charlie,” she says, “Oh Charlie, what if I just need a little bit of sparkle?” How can you possibly keep up? You’ve got your finger on the pulse, you think, then someone’s carrying a tiny bomb in the crook of his heart. Ka-boom. You think you’re gonna need to fill what’s left with the things you’ve bought.

Q: What’s a man to do?

A: A long time ago in France a man carried the messages of his fathers and grew to teach swallows to carry what he wanted to say. Unraveled thousands of years of migration, patterns built into their blood. But Europe had pigeons and couldn’t go to war on swallow-time; thirty years to fill an imaginary need. We can go on inventing ways to carry all we want to say or we can just say it. Swallow, or just spit it out, I’d say.

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