Has someone

Has someone told you about the man in Florida I ask. In Jacksonville there is a man waiting for a good thing to happen.

People tell him to wait at the restaurants, or at the station or for a call or a message. Some people tell him to wait at the lowest of lows, down the steps, and some people say “go upstairs and wait we’ll be right there.” Others say to go all the way up, up up closest to heaven. Most often he is told to wait just one minute, hold on. He’s got two brown big eyes and he waits with his hands gripped.

He thinks of a good thing when he goes to sleep, as he waits to wake up. You know what it is to sleep waiting? On a little ledge and held-tight teeth, so he is a tired man, the man in Florida.

One day while he was waiting he got his money stolen. It was only a little bit of money, but he came to wait at the same spot as always and the man in brown stole a little money. The man in Florida went to the police who asked him to wait on the chairs that went straight up and down, and the man sat with his fingers gripped and waited. He told the police what the man looked like, where he was waiting, what little money was stolen. A lady put it all somewhere and thanked him for reporting and said we’ll do the best we can. The man thought this was a little good thing.

It took a lot of little good things to make the world go. The man from Florida would wait along the side of the bridge, the bridge that had the spires built to keep the people from jumping. The man got tired of waiting sometimes. He thought about standing on the spires, balanced as a circus act, spinning like a top while those below clapped their hands and waited and watched. He danced on the veil, spinning forever, everyone waiting and watching, watching and waiting.