Q & A

Q: What do you worry about?

A: Today on the train an older man had made it barely through the doors of my second stop. I don’t know what they call the people that drive the trains. Drove? Conducted? The conductor. The conductor was friendly and reminded us cheerfully to let the elderly and disabled have the seats. I didn’t know if our cheerful conductor would have considered this man old enough to be elderly. What the conductor really said was that if we are young and vigorous we should let the elderly and disabled have our seats. The day had been long. At the end of the day someone had asked if I was tired which means I had conveyed that I was tired. I think I had rubbed my eyes, wearily. If I had let the man have my seat he could have looked at me and thought young, perhaps, but not vigorous. He had barely made it through the doors and when he crept through he had become much younger. Vigorous, even. What slight danger does to a body. 

Q: And the seat?

A: It is rare to get a seat on this train. 

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