Q & A

Q: What do–

A: Idiot. 

Q: What?

A: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on. There’s no cure for it. The question’s stupid. 

Q: Then–

A: Listen. At thirteen my old man tells me he’s dreamt I’ve started three wars and killed so many men. This is your question. The same. Take all I’ve done wrong somewhere else in their dreams and then know there’ve been no wars, I’ve killed no men, and nothing is changed. It isn’t a consequence.

Q: So–

A: So we’ll take your answers and wrap them in swaddling cloth, carry them down to the river to hope they make it to another’s shore. But in all this time you’ve forgotten they’re stone. You drop them from your mouth, to the river, and they sink to make the smallest ripple. The world is shaped no differently. 

Q: So instead?

A: Instead: there are things alive in this river. Find those. 

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