Benign Fascination Syndrome

The diagnosis of exclusion means to rule everything else out first: A) We are not friends. B) We are not related. C) We do not want each other.

D) Muscles twitch from over-exertion — eyelids spasm from not enough sleep; lips twitch from too much use; legs from standing; there have been documented cases of it in the tongue. So: the part of the brain spent on you is over-exerted, causing frequent spasms of fascination. 

We watch a drop of paint from the top of the canvas that moves slowly down. It will, eventually, reach the bottom, we think. It is yellow; we strain our eyes to watch. At the bottom it will have made a whole line, which would feel good. Instead it dries inches from the bottom, which stings. Layers upon layers, and we will always be drawn to the part that never finishes. 

The muscle spasms — they go away while doing enough of the opposite: close your eyes, sit down, rest your tongue. Conflicting treatments, then, because that’s exactly when the brain works you over the most. 

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