A Guide to Living Haptically

What could the likelihood that you will experience something that has never been experienced before possibly be. That man who stuck his head in a particle accelerator; maybe he knows.  

I think we should start living haptically. Separately? Haptically. 

Are we over field guides yet? This is how you tell. Really though, a field guide to someone else is fairly straightforward. Do not touch his hair; makes no sounds between three and eight am; skin: salty. But one to us? To us to us to us. I do not know how to do that. 

Baby touch isn’t the problem. What did your tongue do in your mouth right then? Do you remember?

I don’t know if the combinations of firing neurons fall into the snowflake principle. This could be the ultimate test: my neurons and your neurons firing as perfect replicas. We’re in love then. Page ten. 

So we start living haptically and cease talking. It’s just shape-talking not word-talking. Move your gums and teeth and lips and tongue against each other if you have something to say. 

So many things would be recorded as the same, with others. My skin could be reacting chemically identical to hers. But compared to seeing let’s this listen to this here’s this take this don’t this I’m this over and over and over again? Maybe so. Maybe so. 

I don’t want us to be pegs with peg-shaped holes. Talk to me baby, with your teeth. 

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