Good reasons, I think, to go places

You have these parameters for judging people that in most cases stop making sense when you aren’t where you’re used to being. You have these parameters for judging situations that in most cases stop making sense when they aren’t situations you’re used to. Most people who leave their homes are with you, parameter-less as well, and with stories. There is one spot in untrained brains for foreign languages, and losing typical language defenses makes you desperately reach and makes you friendlier. There are these really breathtaking places in the world. There are these really remarkable women in the world, a lot of them. Enthusiasm is easy. There’s no reason to distrust sincerity, particularly from boys so good looking it’s like being punched in the stomach. You find out most people were wrong about where you were going. A lot of things stop being important, but decisions, life decisions, are easy, until the parameters return. 

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    wow. have read this over and over again.

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